Spiritual Empowerment CD

Spiritual Empowerment CD



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Spiritual Empowerment CD

5 exercises / visualisations that you can choose from, depending on what you need.


Track 1  Root's & Chakra's

Track 2  Meet your Guides

Track 3 Control of your Mind

Track 4  Colour Healing

Track 5  Grounding


Track 1 This is a wonderful visualisation to re-balance your energies at the beginning or end of the day.

Track 2  If you are looking for spiritual guidance about an issue in your life, then this visualisation will guide you to a place where you can connect with the highest energies safely.

Track 3  This track guides through a powerful technique to access your unconscious mind and change something which is out of balance. It is great for dealing with pain and negative emotions.


Track 4  This technique is simple but incredibly powerful and can be used on yourself, someone else or an animal with great effect, to bring relief to pain and negative emotions.

Track 5  I have been teaching this psychic protection technique for over 20 years with great  results. Do this at bedtime to help you sleep more deeply.

£10.00 plus £2 p&p in the UK


"Hi Peter,
I've been listening to your cds every day. They really are fantastic. I just want to thankyou so much, I really feel that I'm moving forward at last thanks to your help and understanding."

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