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Psychic 'energy' Surgery techniques, teaching and demonstration workshop at Havant

Psychic 'energy' Surgery techniques, teaching and demonstration

Workshop at Havant. Portsmouth

Venue:- Havant Healing and Holistic Centre

6 North Street Arcade, Havant


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This workshop will have limited numbers and will run from 10am until 4.30pm. Please bring your own lunch and refreshements will be provided.
All clipboards, paper, pens and handouts will be provided
I will be teaching techniques that will enhance your healing awareness and helping you to develop a stronger connection to your
'Spirit doctors and surgeons'
The workshop will include teaching some specific psychic surgery techniques that I use in my professional work.
Working with different frequencies, laser energies, creating energy frameworks.
Removing uncoscious blocks and fears
Exercises to continue your attunement
I  will also show my own guides and doctors working through me and seperate from me and who will also demonstrate transfiguration and healing energies at work.
I will be using a red light with a black background to be able the sitters to see more clearly the amazing energies moving around me as I let the 'team' do their thing.
I have  been teaching and demonstrating for 27 years professionally and currently work from four clinics helping clients to receive appropriate healing from grief, pain and emotional imbalances.
I am always learning and sharing and feel blessed to feel so supported by those Souls who guide me on this amazing journey through this present physical incarnation.
Contact Brian Walker at the Healing Centre to book your place.