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Intrusive Energies and Spirit Releasement ....'Workshop' with Peter Steedman at Havant

Intrusive Energies and Spirit Releasement

A workshop on how to help and release someone from Intrusive energies with Peter Steedman.

Peter is an International Medium, Healer and intuitive therapist.

Time 10am to 4.30pm


Sunday 24th June 2018

Refreshments provided

Following on from Peter's inspiring workshops on 'Psychic Surgery Techniques”, "Healing Processes" and "Trance mediumship" he is coming again to share more knowledge and exercises he has learnt over the last 32 years of experience.

Many clients that Peter has seen over the years present often with unusual or stubborn aches and pains that have worn the client down over time.

Many of the overwhelming aches, pains and negative emotions are coming from 'Intrusive energies and can also at times be connected to Spirit, Thought forms, Elementals or E.T's.

This can occur often when someone sensitive has been ill, in hospital, been through a trauma or lives in a home that has unsettled energies.

I will teach you how to recognise the signs for this, how you can help and how to protect yourself.

Since my first experience of communicating with a Spirit attachment about 18 years ago, when I was trying to help a client with night terrors. I wanted to understand better what I was dealing with and the best way of managing it.

I have simplified the process since then and have to clear intrusive energies out of the aura of most of my clients. 

If you have ever felt a sudden and unexplained negative emotion fall over you ..such as sadness, confusion, anger, anxiety etc....and then that feeling to go as quickly as it is possible that you have being affected by an emotion that isn't yours. 

The expression of "I don't feel myself today" can often give a clue that something else is going on that the healer/therapist needs to address.

It is important to learn how to 'clear' and 'cleanse' your energy if you feel that you may have inadvertantly picked something up.

This workshop is most suitable for healers, therapists and those that sit in development or meditation groups.

If you have an interest in furthering your understanding of healing and adding more resources to your Healing toolbox.

Phone and book your place now. Contact Brian Walker at the Havant Healing and Holistic Centre to book your place.
Tel: 02392 480213. 

Payable by
BACS Nat West Sort Code 52-41-32 Account Number 45729182

Bring your own lunch.

Pads, pens and paper will be provided

Cost £50