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A Day Workshop on Developing Trance Mediumship at Corsham. Wiltshire

A Day Workshop on Developing Trance Mediumship

with Peter Steedman D.hyp


at Equilibrium Natural Health Centre

23 Leafield Way

Corsham. SN13 9RS

Sunday May 20th 2018

10am to 4.30pm

There has always been a great interest in Trance development and some of the common fears and questions are:-

Is it real or I am just making it up?”,

I can't relax enough”,

I don't want to make a fool of myself”

or “how can I go deeper?”


This workshop will be addressing some of the unconscious blocks that restrict the Spirit connection being stronger whilst in trance and there will be lots of tips and advice that I will share with you, as someone who has been on both ends of trance mediumship over the last 32 years.

I am also a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist giving me an even more profound understanding to different trance states and how to control and deepen them.

If you wish to know more about developing a stronger connection to the Guides that will work with you, and if you wish to have more confidence and understanding whilst developing a deeper trance state.....this is one workshop that you mustn't miss.

Bring your own lunch, refreshments will be provided.


Feedback from previous Trance workshops:-

"It was a wonderful day and I hope you will do more workshops soon."

"I came away with more understanding, more connection, more trust and the releasing of negativity.  Others left with more confidence and faith in their abilities. .. certainly the 2 ladies i worked with.  You are a wonderful teacher and guide and we are blessed to have you... Emma."

"Very interesting workshop." Karen

"Thank you Peter, I want more." Helen

"I Feel more confidence...and I will trust..." Ruth

"I feel reassured that I can channel and therefore my confidence has risen. Thanks Peter." Linda

"Wonderfully relaxing! I am less worried now over spiritual performance anxiety. I am more willing to relax and let go (even if I doubt) Thank you!" 

"Great new method to clear fear, self-doubt and the emotions that arise as aspects of that." Delia