Remote Energy Clearing of Individuals and Homes

Remote Energy Clearing of Individuals and Homes


Remote Energy Clearing of Individuals and Homes

Remote Energy Diagnosis and Clearing for People and their Homes

Home and garden energy diagnosis and clearing (Total) £25

Up to three people who live in one home (Total)  £25

I have been inspired by my guides to work remotely offering healing, combining the resources I have, using a different approach. 

Many of you who know me and of my work will also be aware that in this last Two years I have being doing more and more remote HOME energy clearing as well as working remotely on people who are out of balance and struggling. Sometimes you can move in to a new home all excited about making it special but then find that something doesn't feel right, you and family members may feel irritable, moody, become ill, stop sleeping well, certain rooms may feel icy cold or you may feel as if you are being watched etc etc.A few weeks ago I was asked to help in a situation like this and so I set aside some time and intuitively connected to the energy of the home doing a 17 question diagnosis and then addressed the imbalances that presented themselves by using a number of techniques I have learnt throughout my 33 years of re-balancing energies that are out of balance.

I was delighted to hear this feedback from one family:-

"Hi Peter. I hope you have had a good week. I just wanted to send you a message to thank you so much for the energy clearing of our house which you did a few weeks back. The difference is absolutely amazing. It now feels like our own home and the strange feeling I have always had but never been able to put my finger on has completely disappeared. The air feels lighter and it no longer feels like we are sharing the house with someone else. I love getting home now whereas previously it filled me with a sense of dread. It feels so homely and cosy too but the best thing is that everyone seems to be getting along better. The children no longer want to kill each other and my husband and I are much happier. Seriously, the difference is amazing so thank you very much."

If you feel that you need similar help or you have a house that you just can't sell...maybe it needs some of my special attention...please message me :-)

 Remote Energy Diagnosis and Clearing for People

Symptoms of negative energy attachments can be:-

Unexplained aches and pains.

Sudden extreme emotions that wash over you and then go without reason

Feeling 'not myself', 'a bit lost', detached, confused, angry, anxious (for no reason)

Unsettled sleep, unable to concentrate etc

Feeling washed out and unually tired.

If you think this may apply to me and I can check.

Feedback from a very happy client:-

"Dear Peter,
Thank you so much for your help in clearing and healing the various energies in our home as well as my husband and myself.
The changes are tangible ... I no longer cough incessantly or am short of breath which has made a phenomenal difference to myself and my husband ! 
We are both in a different place and our home is now calm with more cosy gentle energy ... My husband has also improved, not so grumpy, is now doing tasks, joining in conversations and being less of a potato couch ! 
Family and friends have noticed the change /difference and are amazed. We are both very much happier 
I do wish that I had contacted you before ! We are both exceedingly happy and Amazed at the changes that have occurred since your energy work ! 
I feel like I have won the Health and happiness lottery ! 
I can’t THANK you enough and we are very GRATEFUL to you"


jumping for joy



Price £25 to clear and balance the home


Price £25 to do an energy diagnosis and clearing for all those that live in the home

I send an email summary to you afterwards

To have both yourself and your home and any others that live in the house with you.....have a remote energy diagnosis and healing...the cost is £50

Change the quantity to TWO @ £25 and I will do the rest.



:  at  £25.00  each

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