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  1. Well what a fabulous trip to Hong Kong and the New Age shop, even though the workshops weren't too busy...I had a very busy last week and met some amazing people.

    It seemed at times that we were being taken back to very, very old memories in past life memories with old trauma's needing to be healed. It was a pleasure to bring in some deep memory processing and with the help of my Spirit Doctors we were able to energectically carry our Psychic Surgery.

    I am running 3 circles at the moment and am setting up a Healing Circle so that anyone who needs healing can come to the group and enjoy a group healing well I will also work with each person there. I think that this makes healing accessible to anyone as it will be cheaper than a one to one session but the energy of the group will be very powerful.

    I hope you are all enjoyong this beautiful summer weather.

    For now.....Blessings Peter

  2. I am grateful that the lecture on Friday at Axminster and the day workshop on Sunday on the above subject was very well received.
    The more we understand, the more there is to learn and so we are constantly learning.
    Feedback left:-
    A great day, Life changing!
    An excellent enjoyable day. Peter is very experienced and a superb teacher.
    An uplifting experience within a safe enviroment for which I am grateful.
    Today has enabled me to understand and release a long standing entity that had been blocking me.
    Empowering to know of many more ways and aspects of healing and a beginning of a new journey.